Is your organization having a cookout or fundraiser?

Lease our BBQ Grill for your event for only $1.

Our large, trailer-mounted BBQ grill may be rented by organizations holding fundraisers or cookouts within Union Parish. If you would like to lease our grill for your event, please contact the front office or send a message requesting an appointment using the button below.

The cost to lease the grill is $1 per event and is to be paid at the Civil Office at UPSO. The trailer requires a 2″ ball. If you encounter mechanical issues while in possession of the grill, contact UPSO at (318) 368-3124 and request our on-call mechanic for assistance.   

Lessee will need to complete a lease agreement with UPSO prior to use of the grill.
This can be done during business hours, Mon-Fri, at UPSO.