If you received a citation, or traffic ticket, from UPSO or Louisiana State Police, while in Union Parish, you may pay the fine at UPSO in the Civil Office, by mail, or online by clicking here.

The Union Parish Detention Center (UPDC) is located at 707 Rodeo Circle, Farmerville, La 71241. The UPDC is located next to the National Guard Armory.

The UPDC is operated by the Union Parish Police Jury and overseen by a jail commission. UPSO is not involved in the operation of the jail.

First, contact UPDC at (318) 368-9827 and find out the bond and charges on the detainee. Contact your bail bondsman and meet them at UPSO. You may also pay cash for bonds. All bonds require a $30 bond fee per charge. All bonding for 3rd District charges in Union Parish is done at the UPSO. All associated paperwork regarding bonding is completed and monies collected at UPSO. Detainees are transported to UPSO to complete bond paperwork and released from the UPSO front lobby.

When posting bond for someone who was arrested, you can go through a bail bondsman or use cash or money order. Checks or debit cards are not accepted for bonding purposes. A full list of all bondsmen is located in the front lobby. 

To our knowledge, online booking photos are not available for Union Parish arrests.