Sheriff Sales

Sale Date Sale Number Plaintiff / Defendant Description Property Type


 7/11/18  48242 21st Mortgage Corporation vs Jimmy Dale Jones, Individually and surviving spouse in community with Marianne Dalton Jones
 201 Spurlock Road, Downsville, La  71234  Real Estate W/Appraisal
 7/11/18  48259  Marion State Bank vs Loyd E Underwood, Sr  486 Goldsmith Road and  1757 Williams Colony Road, Downsville, lA 71234  Real Estate W/Appraisal
 7/18/18  48312  21st Mortgage Corporation vs Frankie J White, Jr 2014 Clayton 18×80(mobile home only) located at 152 Tucker Loop Road, Sterlington, La 71280 Moveable w/o Appraisal
  7/25/18  47557  Bank of America, NA vs Bessie Mae Warren, Individually and as Surviving Spouse in Community with Jumelle Warren  408 Oakland Street, Farmerville, La  71241  Real Estate w/o Appraisal
 8/1/18  47809  Pacific Union Financial, LLC vs Jeromy Scott Pruitt and Brienne Pruitt aka Brienne Leigh Berry Pruitt  199 Ranch Road, Marion, La 71260  Real Estate w/Appraisal
 8/8/18  47927  Marion State Bank vs Estate of Edward Sidney Stokes  140 Paron Loop, Sterlington, La 71280  Real Estate w/Appraisal
 8/22/18  48001  Origin Bank fka Community Trust Bank vs Allen Michael Dalton and Taylor Zagone Dalton
 417 Cox Ferry Road, Downsville, La 71234  Real Estate w/Appraisal
 8/29/18  47722  Origin Bank fka Community Trust Bank vs Clyde Lee Mitchell   5 AC Land ONLY in Sec 34 and 37 T20N R3E Real Estate w/Appraisal
8/29/18  48084     First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation vs MELANIE WARD FREELAND A/K/A MELANIE W FREELAND A/K/A MELANIE FREELAND AND JASON MARTIN FREELAND A/K/A JASON M FREELAND A/K/A JASON FREELAND     285 Les Parker Road, Farmerville, La 71241  Real Estate w/o Appraisal 
 9/12/18  48329  SWBC Mortgage Corporation vs Derek Thompson aka Derek Michel Thompson and Kaitlin Thompson aka Kaitlin Marie Auger Thompson  263 Bill Nolan Road, Farmerville, La 71241  Real Estate w/Appraisal

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