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Crime StoppersCrime Stoppers was created by private citizens in September of 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in an effort to provide crime solving assistance to law enforcement by offering cash awards to anonymous persons who telephone in a crime stoppers tips line. The Crime Stoppers program has enjoyed great success, boasting an average conviction rate of 96% on cases solved by a tip to the program.


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Sheriff, Police, Seniors

TriadTRIAD is the agreement of law enforcement agencies in a county/parish (sheriff's office, police departments, etc) and older or retired persons in the community to work together. TRIAD is the concept of cooperation to reduce the criminal victimization of the elderly. TRIAD is a partnership to address crime issues which affect older citizens -- and the enhanced delivery of law enforcement services to these mature persons.

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Contact Card

Contact Information

710 Holder Rd
Farmerville, LA 71241
Civil Office Phone: 318-368-2510
Civil Fax: 318-368-7691
Sheriff's Office: 318-368-3124
Sheriff's Office Fax: 318-368-2728

Detention Center

Detention Center

The Union Parish Detention Center is operated and maintained by the Police Jury of Union Parish. The Detention Center physical address, mailing address, visitation schedule and rules can be found by clicking read more. The Union Parish Police Jury can be reached at 318-368-3296.


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